customizable comic storage box

Cajoon is the perfect ally to protect your comics.

Are you a comic collector? Are you going to allow your precious collectibles to suffer damage? Or are you going to leave them in boxes stacked on top of each other?

Cajoon is the ultimate solution for collectors who want to keep their comics in top condition without wasting style. Cajoon allows you to adapt its final look to match your interior decoration.

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What is Cajoon? - the guardian of your comics

we manufacture fully customizable comic storage boxes

The conservation of comics is increasingly widespread and every collector knows that the value of their copies depends largely on their condition. But to preserve our comics it is not advisable to use any container. We were tired of traditional boxes, so we got down to business. This is how Cajoon was born, a system for storing comics that makes your room not look like an office warehouse.

Protect your collection

Cajoon is perfect for protecting those comics from unfinished collections

100% customizable

Choose the color of the elements that make up Cajoon and an emblem for the front

Quick and easy access

Simply slide your Cajoon and find what you are looking for with a simple movement

The perfect gift

Gift a personalized Cajoon to a comic collector and be succeed

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"Cajoon is very comfortable. It allows me to have access to the comics that I have pending or those that I am going to show in my videos"
Pepe Lopez

"Cajoon is excellent for preserving and handling comics."

Makimono Cómics, Albacete